This Agreement sets out the terms of service of electronic currency exchange service provided by legal entity "MOONBLANK Sp. Z.o.o" with registered address Poland, ul. OSTROBRAMSKA, nr 101, lok. 301, miejsc. WARSZAWA and nr. KRS: 0001041790, doing business as exchange place. Using the services of exchange place means that the User fully accepts all terms and conditions of the Agreement. In case of disagreement with the Agreement, the User should not perform any operations. Governing law of these Terms and Conditions is the law of Poland

All payment cards details are not filed and kept by Legal entity MOONBLANK Sp. Z.o.o.

IMPORTANT! We are not an investment or trading company. Our service performs only the exchange from fiat currency to a cryptocurrency to the crypto wallet you specified.

If you specify a crypto wallet that is controlled or accessed by other persons, then you can lose control over your crypto assets, or lose them completely. In this case, you assume full responsibility for these risks and waive any claims to our service in this case. Beware of fraudsters.

1. Definition of Terms exchange place – partially automated system “”, located on the Internet at

We do not provide Services to residents of the following countries:

Afghanistan, Algeria, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Brasil, Bolivia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Crimea, Cuba, Ethiopia, Iran, Iraq, Iceland, China, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Nigeria, North Korea, Oman, Pakistan, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria, Uganda, Vanuatu, Yemen and United States of America from the following states: New York (NY), Georgia (GA), Connecticut (CT), New Mexico (NM), Washington (WA), Hawaii (HI).


Sanctions are restrictive measures imposed by international public law and approved by international organisations and/or countries regarding countries, specific subjects of sanctions (terrorists, persons accused of military and political crime, extremist organisations, etc.), or activities.

The company strictly adheres to national and international sanctions. MOONBLANK ensures compliance of its services and customer exchanges with the requirements laid down in the laws and regulations of the Republic of Poland and European Union, as well as ensures compliance with sanctions implemented by the European Union, the United Nations, and the United States.

In connection with the situation that has arisen around Russia and Ukraine, extensive sanctions have been imposed against both the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus, some of their citizens, and enterprises.

The company strongly recommends verifying information about sanctions and changes in this area before starting cooperation and/or payment.

All transactions with Visa and Mastercard cards issued in Russia currently do not work outside the Russian Federation. Since our service is registered in the EU, customers cannot pay with cards issued in the Russian Federation on the website.

Some Russian and Belarusian banks, as well as their subsidiaries, have also been included in the EU and US sanctions list.

The full list of sanctions can be checked publicly on the EU and OFAC homepage.

Customer – a private person willing to use the service, which is provided by the exchange place, and who has agreed with all terms an conditions determined in this Agreement.

Payment system – the online payments company or the money transfer company. The online money company transfers (i.e.PayPal) serve as electronic alternatives to traditional paper methods like checks and money orders. Money transfer company (i.e. Moneygram) works with individuals and businesses through a network of agents and clients of financial institutions and transfers official currencies of various governments.

Recipient Account Details – number, wallet, email or any other indication of Customer account in the Payment system which is stated in the Customer Order for the exchange place to send the Payment units.

Order – information provided by the Customer via technical means of the exchange place in digital format indicating their intention to use the exchange place under the conditions proposed by the exchange place and stated in Order details.

2. Subject of the Agreement

With the help of technical means of the exchange place by way of making an Order the Customer authorizes exchange place for a compensation in its own name and at the Customer expense receives and transfers the amount of the Payment units declared by the Customer and stated in the Order details provided by the Customer.

3. General Provisions and Terms

Administration of exchange place is not responsible and does not cover losses caused by incorrect or unauthorized use of the marketplace, and user errors committed in completing the forms of transaction, which can lead to the transfer of funds to the account specified by mistake and also lead to delays in processing applications and payouts.

The Cryptocurrency is involved in significant amount of risk. Prices can fluctuate on any given day. Because of such price fluctuations, you may gain or lose value of your assets at any given moment. Any currency may be subject to large swings in value and may even become absolutely worthless. There is always an inherent risk that losses will occur as a result of buying or selling anything on the market. Unlike most currencies, which are supported by government reserves or other legal entities. The currency is absolutely decentralized, which means there is no authority that can take corrective measure to protect the cryptocurrencies value in a crisis or issue more currency. Cryptocurrency is an autonomous and mostly unregulated worldwide payment system.

Use of exchange place is strictly prohibited for persons under 18 years or for persons under the age of majority.

4. Uncontrolled circumstances

  • The exchange place is not responsible for delays or failures in the handling of operations arising as a consequence: any problems in the telecommunications, computer and other systems; force major action of Payment Systems (block or closure of the accounts, freezing or holding of funds, denial of service); change of political regimes, civil strife; actions of third parties, which are beyond the control of the exchange place.
  • Sale operation of electronic currency exchange place is considered completed after the transfer of the required amount by marketplace to the account of the Customer.
  • Sale operation is done manually and is a one-time transaction.
  • According to the policy on the return of digitally delivered goods return transferred funds after the sale is not possible.
  • exchange place has the right to stop the sale of electronic currencies, as long as the user does not provide their identity documents and will not set a user's identity.
  • Sale operation is done manually and is a one-time transaction.
  • In case the amount of electronic money received is different from the exchange place transaction by more than 20%, the exchange place may unilaterally reject the Order.
  • In case the Cryptocurrency amount to be send to client in the exchange place transaction differs from market value between transaction start time and the time of transaction to be completed, calculates the amount of the Cryptocurrency at the rate fixed at the time of receipt of funds from the client.
  • In case of delay in receipt or non-receipt of funds to or from the account specified by the User, exchange place is not liable for any damage caused to the User. User agrees that in the event delays all claims will be addressed to respective Payment System.
  • Using exchange place, Customer agrees that the liability of the exchange place is limited to funds received from users for the execution of the transaction, exchange place does not provide additional warranty and assumes no additional liability to the Customer.

5. Warranty

The warranty period for provided services under this agreement is 48 hours from the moment of execution of the subject of the agreement with exchange place.

In the case of not sending the funds within 48 hours by exchange place to the Customer account specified in the Order (excluding weekends and public holidays), the Customer may request the cancellation of the contract and refund in full. Funds should be returned to same mean of payment in case of order cancellation. In case of cancellation of the application, return is made to the user within 24 hours.

6. Resolution of Disputes

All disputes connected to the provision of sales transactions to the Customer will be settled by the way of negotiations between the Customer and the exchange place administration based on the conditions of this Agreement.

7. Form of the Agreement

The Customer and the exchange place acknowledge that the digital form of this Agreement is legally equal to the agreement executed in written form.

8. Changes and amendments

The administration of exchange place service reserves the right to itself at any moment to make modifications and additions to the given agreement unilaterally without prior notice.

9. Third Party Systems

The End User shall consent to the following provisions:

  • exchange place uses a third party services and such third party’s affiliates services which enable you to place monetary deposits and perform transfer of payments within Partners website by making use of your existing credit card (as and if available and applicable) (the “Service” and the “Third Party Service Provider”). The Services do not include any additional service, and such third party services do not include providing and/or depositing the applicable Cryptocurrency at your account.

  • exchange place may share and transfer (including cross border transfer) Personal Information with the Third Party Service Provider for the purpose of rendering the Services which will be made to Partners website via the use of your credit card. The Personal Information will be shared with the Third Party Service Provider after you select to execute such monetary payments by using the Services of the Third Party Service Provider. For the purpose of this section Personal Information shall include information that identifies or may identify you, including the information submitted by you through the registration form when you subscribe to the website such as your E-mail address, password, country and city and/or information provided through social websites or any other identifying information provided by you while using the services of our website.

  • In addition, we may transfer any Non-Personal Information provided by you through your use of the services on our website to the Third Party Service Provider in order to allow the Third Party Service Provider to perform preliminary examinations of Non-personal Information for the purpose of determining if you are qualified to use the services of such Third Party Service Provider (including the history of your transactions on the website which will be provided without any identifying information and solely for the purpose of performing the preliminary examinations).

  • By accepting these terms, you represent that any and all information you provide us is true and accurate. Any false or fraudulent information and/or use of the services rendered to you is prohibited.

  • You are not obligated by law to provide Partner and/or the Third Party Service Provider with any Personal Information. You hereby acknowledge and agree that you are providing Partner and/or the Third Party Service Provider with Personal Information at his/her own free will, for the purposes of rendering the Services.

Buy fees

NamePayment method comissionTranscoin comission
Bank Card2.55%1.5%
Advcash 0%4.95%
Bank transfer (SEPA)0%3.95%
Bank transfer (SWIFT)0%3.5%

Sell fees

NamePayment method comissionTranscoin comission
Bank transfer(SEPA)0%3%
Bank Card2.5%1.25%