1. Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy describes the rights of the customer to maintain confidentiality about collection, processing, usage, storage and protection of personal data. Privacy policy is applicable to Transcoin.me exchange service website, its services and tools regardless of the type of access or use. Client accepts terms of this Privacy Policy by accessing or using the products, services, features, technologies or functions offered by Transcoin.me exchange service.

2. Customer information collecting

When customer uses service provided by Transcoin.me exchange service, system collects information from your mobile phone, computer or other devices which have access to exchange service. Information which is sent to Transcoin.me exchange service system includes information about pages you visited, IP address, device ID, type of operating system, your location and other information. Transcoin.me exchange service is collecting and analyzing information about customer activities.

3. Personal information types

Name, Surname;

Date of Birth;

Identification by ID document.

Place of permanent residence;

E-mail address;

IP address;

Telephone number;

Bank details;

Completed transactions;

Other similar information.

Exchange service Transcoin.me can request information about it customers from third parties, using services that provide identity check services, in order to verify your identity and reduce the risk of fraud, using your personal data when receiving services provided by Transcoin.me exchange Service.

4. Personal data storage

According to Transcoin.me exchange service data storage policy, Transcoin.me exchange Service stores customers accounts and personal data for five years. Exchange service Transcoin.me carries out about all security measures to ensure the confidentiality of personal data and protection of personal data from loss, misuse, modification or destruction client personal data.

5. Personal data disclosure

Exchange service Transcoin.me has right to provide personal data to following parties:

Law enforcement authorities and other persons in accordance with court request, court order or other legal process request, applicable to exchange service Transcoin.me.

Financial institutions which are cooperating with Transcoin.me exchange service.

6. Using Cookies files

Transcoin.me Exchange service uses cookies to improve efficiency and convenience for its users. User agrees to accept cookie files, store information on device, this information is used by Transcoin.me exchange service and its service partners for service provisioning by Transcoin.me exchange service.

7. Feedback

If you have any questions about our privacy policy, please contact us:

[email protected]